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Joan Marie Verba, author of Countdown to Action and other Thunderbirds novels


Anthony Taylor brings an intriguing perspective to International Rescue, which feels very much in the tradition of the best episodes of the series, making effective use of both drama and humor to tell the story. In Arctic Adventure, an experimental plane crashes in the Arctic, with Brains and the pilot inside. ... All of it is woven together in a suspenseful tale, where the team must put all their resources into play to meet a variety of dangers, expected and unexpected.

Arctic Adventure (by Anthony Taylor)

Countdown to Action cover
  • Trade paperback
  • December 2012
  • Pages: 176
  • ISBN 10: 0982523254 | ISBN 13: 978-0982523254

Brains is the genius behind International Rescue’s technology. Besides designing and upgrading all of their equipment, he constantly develops and tests new products and processes, sometimes in partnership with outside interests. Eager to try out a new stealth system of his invention, Brains teams up with Humboldt Aviation to install his system on their new aircraft, the V-17. On the first test flight, the V-17 is shot down over the arctic by agents of the outlaw state of Reznia. With the aircraft shattered and partly buried in the ice, Brains and the V-17’s pilot are injured and unable to free themselves. Although Brains is able to contact International Rescue for recovery, the Reznians are also converging on the crash site in order to claim the wreckage for their research. Can the rest of International Rescue find and retrieve Brains and the V-17 pilot before the Reznians can capture them and the crashed plane?