Licensed novels based on the series by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson


David Tremont, Model maker, Weta Workshop, New Zealand


The third in the series, this story is just as fresh and exciting as the first two. The rescues, situations, and characters all include new things while remaining true to the feel of the Thunderbirds we remember. Read this book to your children, then show them the original: they, too, will become fans.



Ellen Kuhfeld, St. Louis Park, MN


I didn't fully realize what these books were about, until I remembered my youthful reading. They're Tom Swift for the twenty-first century. Suddenly, everything makes sense! If you liked Tom Swift (or The Shadow, or Doc Savage, or their many colleagues) this is more of it. Get 'em for your kids and grandkids.

Deadly Danger (by Joan Marie Verba)

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Mom's Choice Awards recipient | Scribe Awards nominee

  • Trade paperback
  • October 2009
  • Pages: 176
  • ISBN 10: 0965357597 | ISBN 13: 978-0965357593

Virgil Tracy, the second of Jeff Tracy's sons, pilots the heavy-rescue craft, Thunderbird 2, which carries the specialized rescue equipment to the danger zone. In addition to his expertise as a pilot and engineer, Virgil is also a talented pianist and artist. Virgil's calm disposition serves him well in the extreme hazards that he faces as a member of International Rescue. In Deadly Danger, Virgil will have to draw on all of these skills to meet the challenges he faces: a California wildfire, a mine disaster in South Africa, a volcano eruption in the Pacific, an airliner in trouble, a town in Peru in danger of vanishing into a sinkhole, a bridge collapse in India, explorers in danger of grinding ice in the Antarctic. Most of all Virgil and his brothers and associates must find a warped genius who will stop at nothing to build and deploy a fleet of advanced machines to prove he is the greatest rocket scientist of the 2060s.


Midwest Book Review: Small Press Bookwatch


"Thunderbirds: Deadly Danger" is another novel of science fiction based on the famous television series as the Tracy family is again faced off with evil as a mad rocket scientist threatens the world to prove he is the most skilled at his trade the world has ever known. Jeff Tracy must stop this madman before he threatens lives even further, making International Rescue's job ever more difficult. "Thunderbirds: Deadly Danger" is a choice pick for fans of the series or simply young science fiction fans.